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Cleaning your yard in the fall can be a big hassle… especially if you have to rake up leaves every week! Cut down on the time and energy this project takes by visiting Taylor Rental & Party Plus. We will make sure you have everything you need to tidy up your yard in no time.

Tired of those annoying bare spots in your lawn? Do you ever think your lawn should be thicker? Lawns suffering from thin, bare patches or those without any grass at all require aggressive renovation techniques. The lawn can be revived by using a lawn seeder. The lawn seeder's hopper drops a measured amount of seed into the soil, prepared by the action of the rotating knife blades.

Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems, and grass clippings that accumulates between the soil and growing blades of grass. Using a Power Rake with flail blades to de-thatch will effectively remove unwanted buildup. Once the thatch is removed, the air, water, nutrients, herbicides, and pesticides can finally do their job. The result is healthier turf that is more resistant to insect damage and disease.