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Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems, and grass clippings that accumulates between the soil and growing blades of grass. Using a Power Rake with flail blades to de-thatch will effectively remove unwanted buildup. Once the thatch is removed, the air, water, nutrients, herbicides, and pesticides can finally do their job. The result is healthier turf that is more resistant to insect damage and disease.

Getting started with lawn aeration

Lawn aeration can help grass that looks unhealthy become much greener and carpet-like. So who wouldn’t want to do it if it’s needed? Here are some tips from Dawn West from All About Lawns on what you should do to aerate your lawn. Evaluate your grassFirst off, talk to someone familiar with landscaping to figure out whether you have a warm or cold-season type grass. For cool, you would aerate in the fall.

Pneumatic Nailer Safety

One of the most dangerous tools that someone could easily use improperly is the pneumatic nail gun. If used correctly, the pneumatic nail gun is a great tool to make your work much faster. However, if it’s not used correctly, nails can easily be lodged in your fingers and/or hands. Worse yet, there was a case, among other things, where a worker couldn’t understand why he had a toothache.