Product Catalog

Bon Tool Features a 14-1/2" wide aluminum pin plate with 59 adjustable nickel plated pins. Non-marring tail block. Includes 4 tubing sections for operating length from 34 1/2" to 22 feet.
Bon Tool Carpet Chisel Forged from special alloy steel.
Perfectly tapered to drive carpet into the gully fast.
Bon Tool magnetic sweeper made with permanent ceramic magnets to pick up nails and scrap metal. Magnets are enclosed in a heavy duty outer casing. Lightweight steel handle.

Bon Tool one man can easily operate lift. Load capacity of 150 lbs, 11 feet high, extensions enables lift to reach 13' when fully extended. Cradle has two 36" wide support pads and two adjustable 12" wide outrigger pads. Entire lift breaks down to 4 easy-to-handle sections

The Ultra 395 ’s reliability and performance has made it Graco ’s most popular small electric sprayer. Proven technology and design make it perfect for professionals who spray daily with a wide range of coatings

Dri-Eaz Sahara Carpet Dryer

Crain Door Jamb Saw

Werner Ladder Jacks

Koshin NSM-62011 Submersible Pump

Concrete Cart, 8 cu. ft.

Bosch 7/8" SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer

High power 7.0 amp reversible motor delivers 2.0 ft-lbs of impact energy, 0-5,980 bpm and 0-1,400 rpm. All metal gear case and block construction for optimal bearing and gear seating. Anti-Vibration System, soft grip handle and two-finger trigger for optimal operator comfort. Three modes of operation - Hammer Drill / Drill / Chipping for maximum versatility. Rotating Brush Plate for equal power in forward and reverse for easy removal of jammed bits and extended brush life.  Compact and lightweight, L-shape design provides excellent balance and positions hand directly behind the bit for maximum control especially in overhead drilling applications. 

Husqvarna K3000 Cut off Saw Electric

Saw cuts wet or dry

Wet cutting kit included in rental

Dry cutting kit included in rental

Husqvarna K760 Cut off Saw

The rental one machine is a small, self-contained unit with powerful brush agitation to clean carpets ? small enough to clean tight spaces and corners yet powerful enough to perform well in any commercial setting. It weighs only 40 pounds so it?s light enough for anyone to handle, plus the compact body design and fold-down handle make it a breeze to transport and store