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8" drum sander with an expandable drum. Removable handle and dust shoot makes for easy transportation. Drum lowering handle keeps the unit on a steady three point stance and delivers smooth cutting to the floor. This sander can be hooked into a tank vacuum

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The Clarke Super 7R is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use wood floor edging machine

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Porter Cable Drywall Sander, Used In Conjunction With The #7812 Vacuum For Finishing Walls & Ceilings, Near Dust Free, Variable Speed 1,400-2,000 RPM Motor For Operator To Adjust Sanding Rate, Sander Will Reach Up To 10" Ceilings Without Stilts, Patented Foam Back Sanding Discs & Articulating Head Design Floats Over Seams/Tapered Drywall Joints Without Swirl Marks, Brush Type Skirt Around Head Creates A Curtain Of Suction For Efficient Dust Pick Up Even On Outside Corders, Includes 1-1//4" Vacuum Hose 13' Long, Sanding Disc & Velcro Straps To Hold Power Cord & Hose Together.

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