1 Day- $105.00 USD
4 Hours- $75.00 USD

The Pro700™ Underground Sprinkler Wire and Valve Locator is a tried and true solution for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel. The Pro700™ has been in production since 2008 and was the first wire and valve locator to use external speakers, D batteries, and a longer wand than the old tiny PVC pipe and tackle box. Incorporating a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver, the Pro700™ tracks irrigation wires, finds missing valves and detects damage or cuts to vulnerable underground cabling. The Pro700™ has a proven track record of 10 years of finding these problems.

The Pro700™ model builds on the success of the original Pro600™ wire and valve locator model. Our Pro700™ includes an extra-long metal wand for easy tracking, the option of using an external speaker instead of a headset when listening for a signal and D batteries for power.

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