Cool Space 400 Evaporative Cooler [1 Event]

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Want a swamp cooler with a little more swagger? Then the all-new Cool-Space® 400 might be the perfect evaporative cooler for you. Armed with a re-designed motor and new aerodynamic fan blades, Cool-Space 400 delivers efficient, nearly silent airflow for up to 10 hours in spaces up to 3600 square feet. Now available with an All-Terrain package, Cool-Space 400 is the most durable, powerful and portable swamp cooler on the planet!

  • Quickly cools indoor and (covered) outdoor spaces up to 33° F (18° C)
  • Re-designed motor and new aerodynamic fan blades
  • 46-gallon reservoir provides up to 10 hours of hose-free operation
  • 3600 square feet of coverage
  • Optional All-Terrain package includes off-road tires and push/pull bar for added portability
  • Thicker, resin-treated cooling media for more efficient performance
  • Durable protectant exterior and stainless steel media cover for improved life-span in industrial environments/the most extreme environments