1 Day (INCLUDES CO2)- $90.00 USD

A jockey box is a portable dispensing system perfect for all your camping, tailgating outdoor event or party needs. Our Grizzly BrewBoxes are used at events to quickly chill warm beer to the ideal dispense temperature. When using a jockey box, the beer is run through a length stainless steel coil that is covered with ice and water.

A jockey box utilizes CO2 and ice water to readily pour cold beer. The ice water coming in contact with the coil causes the coil to become cold, which in turn chills the beer running through the coil.

Perfect for caterers, craft breweries and home brewing with options of single faucet, dual tap or 4-faucet, why rent a jockey box cooler when you can pour cold draft beer anywhere with our portable Grizzly BrewBoxes!

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