Perimeter Wire Machine 600mh

2 Hours (2 HOUR MINIMUM)- $70.00 USD
1 Day- $210.00 USD


The 600MH perimeter wire machine has been designed by professionals to optimize the work of installers and bury up to 600 meters of wire per hour.

It's revolutionary design offers productivity and profitability. Compact and lightweight, they are easily transported from one installation site to another by one person.

It allow you to install wire from any robot manufacturer with its many wire coil installation configurations. Moreover, they make it possible to avoid the problems often related to the cutting of the perimeter wire by burying the wire to the desired depth!

Its heavy duty solid carbide blade bury the wire in all types of soil, whether they are normal, compacted or stony.

Its sliding foot reduces the accumulation of debris around the blade and prevents the tearing of grass.

Their small turning radius gives access to every corner! Thanks to the off-center ergonomic handle and the lateral pivot, they allow the wire to be easily installed under hedges, shrubs and low branches.

Both machines require much less effort from the operator, since they are equipped with a self-propelled transmission.

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