4 Hour (Shampoo sold separately)- $25.00 USD
1 Day (Shampoo sold separately)- $45.00 USD

When you need to quickly remove spots there is not a more convenient and easy to use option. Designed to be portable and lightweight, this machine features 1.16 hp motor and a 55 psi pump to clean deep down into the carpet. It also accommodates a variety of tools for any spot or fabric type • Easy spot removal • Convenient two gallon capacity and well-balanced design provide quick and easy cleaning of carpet spots/stains • Lightweight and portable design makes above-the-floor extraction easy • 1.16 hp vacuum motor and 55 psi pump provide more aggressive cleaning and drying power • Accommodates a variety of accessory tools to simplify small area and upholstery cleaning • Translucent recovery tank enables user to monitor recovery water level • Clear view hand tool shows cleaning results

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